A Plethora of TLD's and Competitive Pricing
We offer many standard and popular TLD's along with several ccTLD's and support IDN registrations as well. Our pricing is simple: Common domains are $14.95 per year with discounts based on the number of years ordered. Domains transfer in at their new registration price and include a renewal as well. Click here for pricing information.

Need Hosting? No-nonsense Website Hosting with HostMySite
You've got that special domain; now what? If you like WSMdomains approach to no-nonsense domain registration and management then you'll appreciate Why? Because all of the WSMdomains and HostMySite support teams work together within the same company! That's a great advantage when you need support for your domain and hosting accounts. Visit HostMySite

Simple Registration and Management
Coming up with the right name to reflect your desires, your business and your creativity can be tricky, actually ordering it shouldn't be. Search for a domain, a key word or a phrase and view additional available extensions. Pricing will be displayed for each domain. Once you've got your domains we think keeping track and managing them should be simple. Our control panel is simple and no-fuss. Simple should not mean limited though. You can order, renew and manage domains in bulk, including contact changes, name server updates, URL forwarding updates.

Whois Privacy Option
Like an unlisted phone number, Whois privacy protects your domain contacts from being viewed by the public. Whois Privacy also provides security against unwanted domain transfers. Unlike some companies' proxy services, you still retain complete ownership of your domain. You can opt-in for Whois Privacy for a yearly charge of just $2. Once you opt in, you can enable or disable it as you wish in your portal. Available for all TLD's that support it. Refer to our pricing sheet for supported TLD's.

DNS Management
Running the easy to use and reliable PowerDNS, utilize our DNS service free and available for all domains. A, MX, CNAME, TXT/SPF. 5 Min TTL.

URL Forwarding
Forward your domain to any address on the web inside your account. Select masking and create meta-tags or simply re-direct your domain to your destination site. Free for all domains and easy to set up.

Email Forwarding
Email at your domain without the need of another mailbox. You can create up to 10 email forwards for each domain, easily. After ordering you just enter in your desired username and specify an existing email address to send mail to. The cost is $5.00 per domain per term (email forwarding pricing is pro-rated to match your domains expiry date). When your domain is up for renewal you can select to renew your forwarding. Easy peasy.

Premium Domains
When you search for domains you'll be presented with optional Premium domains, also called Aftermarket domains. These are domains already registered but made available for sale. Prices range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Many of these domains have high value due to their short length, common or memorable words or the length of time they've been registered.  We're excited to be able to offer you these options for you to help grow your business.

Account Profile Management
Have multiple accounts? Our account merging tool is simpler than ever before. Selling a domain? Moving a domain to a new profile is simple too. Not ready to order yet? You can create an account before buying a domain.

Need to Contact Us?
Please email us at and a WSMDomains Service Representative will reply within 48 business hours.